Read All About It!

This is your one-stop, authoritative guide of things to do while unemployed.  Let this blog be your shepherd into a whole new world of freedom and exploration.  Get ready to see all you have been missing out on while “being responsible”.

For many years, I have felt the thrill and joy of being a permanent invite to the party known as “Employment”.  Like so many of you recently, I too have woke up one morning only to find I have been rufeed, thrown in an alley, and have male genitalia drawn all over my face.

I’ve seen it happen a thousand times, but now it’s happened to me.

Yes, Joe Corporate has put on his best Ray Charles impression and told me to “Hit the Road Jack”.

Do I fret?


Do I panic?


Do I file for unemployment?

Well, obviously.  I mean that was the first thing I did.  One needs to be sensible about these things.  I need to have a stream of income coming from somewhere.

Most individuals in my situation worry about inactivity.  I hear words like “boredom”, “lethargy”, and “waste of life” thrown around as staples of concern.  I say, back off, Mom!

I feel myself freed from the shackles and chains known as “Job Security” that can only deter me from the countless activities and wonders unemployment has to offer.  Forget about a steady paycheck, health insurance, and 401K’s.  These “employment benefits” are nothing but fancy trappings to keep ones feet on the ground when you could be soaring through the clouds.

You have no idea how high you can fly…

…and really, what the fuck else do you have to do?


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