Posted by: jspiegel | June 5, 2009

#36: Avoiding Traffic

drivingAlthough unemployment can initially bring about feelings of anxiety, depression, and inadequacy it certainly may be coupled with a sigh of relief knowing that no longer will you have to waste an average of two to three hours a day in your metal coffin commuting to and from a job that is only ten miles away from your home.

The morning and evening commutes, beneficial to only those who work in large radio markets, are an instant source of frustration and anger for the average employed person.  A traffic jam in the morning can ruin your entire day, and a five-mile backup in the evening can become detrimental to your “decompression time” that you so cherish before heading home to the ungrateful, life-sucking, freeloaders known as your “family”.  As such, becoming unemployed allows you to avoid these troublesome roads and highways and use this time to allow yourself to do more productive activities such as sleeping in or an enjoying an afternoon snack.

When it does become necessary to use your car, you will find the story with the traffic to be a much lighter and upbeat tale.  While everyone else wastes away in their offices and cubicles, you are free to enjoy the open road with a limited amount of drivers occupying the pathway to your destination.  You should take advantage of this newfound freedom by rolling down your windows and opening your sun roof and let the sweet smell of fresh air grab your senses.  It tastes a whole lot better than smog, cigarettes, and cheap cologne.  It is also acceptable at this time to put your radio or IPod to full blast while belting out songs such as “On the Road Again,” “Life is a Highway”, or anything by Kelly Clarkson, the latter of which you will not have to be embarrassed about since chances are no one else will be around to hear you.

Being unemployed also offers you tremendous advantages on busy travel days and holiday weekends.  Signs on major highways will usually advise drivers to start their weekend and/or holiday travel early.  How early?  How about ten in the morning?  Since you have the luxury of heeding their warnings you should use this opportunity to pack up the family mini van and “make great time” while getting on down to your in-laws.  

Be certain, when you are unemployed, to capitalize on the thrill of driving on the open road.  Avoiding the rush-hour traffic will certainly be worth it, even if the pay off is listening to a couple extra hours of your mother-in-laws psoriasis woes.



  1. Wow, you hit the nail on the head with this post… nice one jspiegs

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