Posted by: jspiegel | June 4, 2009

#35: Always Being ‘Online’

onlineWith today’s technology, you are never too far away from your friends and family.  Texting, social utilities, and online chatting make communication instantaneous and ongoing.  Of course, for people in the working world, their nagging responsibilities that constitute their fancy jobs can sometimes force them to be pulled away from a very important and life-changing conversation.  How can they expected to be a reliable and trustworthy friend if they just up and leave in lieu of a “big meeting”?

Unemployment to the rescue!  With your schedule that is free of organized tasks and structure, you have the ability to be “that guy” who never goes idle on AIM, and whose G-Chat status is always green.  Your employed friends, while questioning exactly what you are doing all day, will be thankful for your ever-present status, ready to jump into a heartfelt conversation at a moments notice.


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