Posted by: jspiegel | May 28, 2009

#30: Take Extended Vacations

thenaz Although it may be argued to the contrary, the unemployed lifestyle can be both physically and mentally taxing.  Every now and then you will need a break from your established routines of montony and self-pity.  There is no better way to re-charge the mind, body, and spirit, than taking an extended vacation away from all the daily stressors unemployment can offer.

The vacation is, of course, different from the road trip.  Whereas the impromptu automobile trek should be reserved for members of the same employment class vacations can, and should, occur with mixed company.  Employed people on vacation enter into a different mode and mindset in which they wish to free themselves from their shackles of responsibility, even if only for the brief time they are away.  As such, these people will not bore you with their dreaded “tales from the cubicle”, but rather be more inclined to start the day with a mimosa and bloody mary before making their way to the beach.

Many unemployed people may first be fearful at the idea of a vacation as the term itself denotes spending money that will be taken out of your already dwindling savings account.  If you have been unemployed long enough, this is not as much of an obstacle as you have probably taken the necessary steps in order to continue your standard of living courtesy of Uncle Sam.  If you have not yet begun to receive your free ride there some way you still can certainly enjoy some well deserved time off such as furthering your credit card debt or pleading your case to Mom and Dad in hopes that their pity will earn you a ticket to paradise.

Once your vacation has ensued it is important to take a page from your employed traveling companions.  As mentioned, their cares are few and worries are nonexistent.  In vacationland, everyone is on a level playing field and has equal opportunity for rest, relaxation, and some good old fashioned debauchery.


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