Posted by: jspiegel | May 13, 2009

#28: Weekday Haircuts


You will find ,while being unemployed, that the world seems a lot emptier when people are cooped up all days in their offices.  Restaurants seem emptier (except for the crazy lunch crowd) and stores seem more vacant.  You may at first find this quiet to be unsettling, but it is certainly a situation to take advantage of.

One such situation is getting your haircut.  Imagine, walking into your local hair-cuttery and finding the place deserted.  There is no long line, no screaming children getting “their first haircut”, and no overly-difficult Ms. Sassypants explaining to the hairdresser for twenty minutes how she wants her hair done only to conclude her instructions by saying “But really, whatever you feel looks best”.

Unless you are rich or old, odds are you do not have the same person cutting your hair everytime and thus, haircuts lend themselves to be a situation that is ripe for forced and awkward conversations.  A mildly intelligent stylist (the exception rather than the rule in this type of profession) will be able to immediately catch on as to whether or not you wish to carry on some meaningless sort of conversation for your brief fifteen minute interaction.  Fortunately, since you are unemployed, their first question of “So, what do you for work?” will quickly be met by your automated response of “Nothing, I am unemployed”, increasing the level of awkwardness to new heights and efficiently ending said conversation.  Notifying them of your current employment status will also let you off the hook should you choose to leave a smaller tip, or no tip at all.

Don’t worry; they understand.


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