Posted by: jspiegel | May 11, 2009

#26: Napping

napUnemployment can be tough.  With so much activity you are bound to be overcome with feelings of physical and mental exhaustion from time to time.  There’s no better way to recharge the proverbial batteries then by having a well-deserved nap.

Napping for the unemployed can be very beneficial.  For one thing, it helps to pass the dreaded time block between two o’clock and five o’clock in the afternoon.  Employed people refer to this as the “home stretch” while seasoned unemployed people know this as “the syndication hours” where popular nineties programming has been laid to rest.  Since there is only so many times one can watch the entire series run of Suddenly Susan or Caroline in the City, catching some brief shut-eye is a preferred alternative.

A daytime nap for the unemployed is also an opportunity for you to really stick it to your employed friends, lovers, and acquaintences.  By letting people know via your status update that you are off to never-never land is certain to spark feelings of jealousy along with profanity-laced tirades posted on your wall.

A common employed individual will partake in the weekend nap.  It is his or her time to relax and catch up on much needed sleep that they miss out on while working  during the week.  Other than that, when they wake up to the heinous sound that is their alarm clock, they know that they will not be in the comfort of their bed for at least another fourteen hours.  When an unemployed person decides to casually wake from their slumber, their next trip to peaceful slumber can be as close or as far away as they like.

While jobless and finding yourself without any real purpose or motivation, give yourself some time to sleep it off.  And forget about that pesky alarm clock.  Those are people who actually have a need to get out of bed.


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