Posted by: jspiegel | May 1, 2009

#20: Online Gambling

onlinegambling Being unemployed opens up a lot of opportunity for various addictions.  Television marathons, pornography, heroin.  None of these is more dangerous, and more enjoyable, than online gambling.

While gambling is a disease that can befall any person, it is simply too easy for an unemployed person to sit on their couch (something they are already experts at), sign into any number of online gambling sites, and begin to experience both the sweet taste of victory, and the sharp sting of defeat.  Both rushes are equally stimulating and help to usher in some much needed excitement into the unemployed’s life.

In the past, people with no knowledge of traditional casino games were certainly at a disadvantage and would find participating in online gambling to be difficult.  Fortunately, the gaming industry in their infinite wisdom realized three very important things:

– There exists the ability to place bets on virtually any activity.

– People without the knowledge of casino games still have the potential to become degenerate gamblers.

– Unemployed people have even more potential (and more time) to become degenerate gamblers.

These factor have helped shaped the online gambling community as it stands today.  Now, the unemployed can gamble away the life savings, and that of their loved ones, on the likes of reality shows, soap operas, and who will be the next “celebrity of the day” to be charged with child molestation (Vegas shows strong odds on Susan Boyle).

The economy is continuing its downward spiral, and taking with it the hopes of unemployed people everywhere to  land any sort of legitimate work.  Replacing those dreams of employment is the quick fix and sudden rush of adrenaline that comes from earning the quick buck without ever really lifting a finger.

A similar rush will also be achieved when the next unemployment check arrives.



  1. Nice Susan Boyle Reference. For some reason I feel like she’s a creep! She’s totally playing us all!

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