Posted by: jspiegel | April 24, 2009

#15: Work “Pop-Ins”

officevisitYou may not realize it, but most employed people are not satisfied with their current work situation (refer to generic yet mildly humorous quotes such as, “Oh you hate your job?  There’s a club for that.  It’s called everybody!”).   As an unemployed person, you have the unique opportunity to contribute a bit of variety to the otherwise mundane existence of John and Jane Worker.  What better way to stir up the pot then by showing up to their job site for a “Work Pop-In”.

Originally coined by the television show “Seinfeld”, referring to an unannounced house call, the “pop-in” itself is meant to invoke a pleasant feeling of surprise.  Popping in to a friends workplace can more often that not spice up their day: An act they won’t soon forget.

If you are visiting a loved one at work, top off this random act of kindness by bearing gifts such as flowers or mix-tapes.  Either present will work equally well to remind your employed significant other of your generous nature; a generousness that will be reciprocated  in kind during the evening hours (or on their break if they’re really freaky).

Such acts of spontaneity should be reserved for friends and significant others.  The unemployed should avoid the “pop-in” to immediate family, especially parents.  While supportive on the outside, Mom and Dad are clearly ashamed of you.  By showing up to their place of employment, when you yourself should be working would only compound their embarrassment and create a potentially awkward situation when they have to explain to their co-workers that you are “on-call” that day and don’t need to be at the hospital.  Nobody likes a liar.

On the whole, such unexpected visits will stir up feelings of excitement and liveliness long considered dead between the hours of nine and five.  With this new energy in play, an employed person will often get the urge to go out for lunch or an afternoon coffee or snack, and since you had the good-natured foresight to “pop-in”, the Nutty Buddy is on them!



  1. If you pop-in with a mix tape, I’ll buy you a nutty buddy.

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