Posted by: jspiegel | April 23, 2009

#14: Treat Yourself

As shocking as it may sound, being unemployed is not all sunshine and roses.  There are times when you will be a bit down in the dumps and envious of your friends with jobs.  Although these days should be few and far between, there is no better way to cheer yourself up then by spoiling yourself with frivolous and lavish gifts.

Feeling a little blue about your unemployment?  Turn that frown upside down by getting yourself a purebred Golden Retreiver.

Feeling a little blue about your unemployment? Turn that frown upside down by getting yourself a purebred Golden Retreiver.

The female species has long been privy to the fine art of “treating yourself”.  In the past, they have rationalized this method of instant happification with such reasons as “feeling fat”, or “having a fight with my best friend,” and the ever popular “finding my boyfriend in bed with my best friend whose name is Trevor.”

With so many people joining the ranks of the unemployed, this new motivation to frivilous and selfish spending can transcend gender.  Boys and girls alike can lift up their chins, grab their wallets and say, “I’m buying that new car for me!”

Proponents of logic and sensibility will argue that when you are unemployed you should use your money wisely and carefully plan out a budget.  This line of reasoning will also deduce that once you begin to plan your budget you will become exceedingly depressed and possibly suicidal, thus requiring you to quell such feelings of melancholy.

The solution?  Expensive presents!  Nothing solves deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy better than the acquisition of material possessions.  Feeling extra worthless today?  Buying yourself a new laptop is sure to raise your self-esteem.

So the next time you’re lying around your couch, feeling all glum.  Pick yourself up, put on your pants (or better yet, don’t!) and head on down to the mall to get a little something for you.

You deserve it!



  1. […] mall walk is certainly a great way to get you out of the house.  However, unless you plan on treating yourself, unemployed mall walkers should stay clear of actually going into many stores.  Continuous […]

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