Posted by: jspiegel | April 21, 2009

#12: Develop a Catch Phrase

The glory days of the classic 1980’s sitcom made life seem so simple.  There was never a problem that could not be solved in a half-hour, nobody ever had to go the bathroom, and no matter how matter how intense the situation was the mood could always be lightened when a character would say his or her catch phrase.

As television is an exact replica of real-life, the jobless would serve themselves well by developing their own comic relief to help quickly and effectively alleviate the stresses of their unemployed existence.

Having a catch phrase handy serves useful immediately upon unemployment.  For example as soon as you got fired, it would have been appropriate to walk out of the office, let out a big sigh, and say something like: “Well, that could have gone better!”  Anyone who was in the vicinity of your clever retort most certainly will be able to provide you with a real-life laugh track.

Irma was able to quell the awkward situation of peeing her pants with her catch phrase, "What did I do this time?"  General laughter ensued.

Irma was able to quell the awkward situation of peeing her pants with her catch phrase, "What did I do this time?" General laughter ensued.

For the unemployed, creating a solid catch phrase can be instrumental in not only creating a more comfortable environment, but also a less boring one.   Try to create a saying that will work for different kinds of situations.  When you walk into a social gathering you can point both of your thumbs in your general direction proclaiming, “Who brought the fun?”.  This type of generic phrasing is universal and is also highly appropriate for job interviews or funerals.

Being unemployed, you will spend much of your time on your own.  This is a terrific opportunity for you to hone your catch phrase.  First, practice  while performing daily routines.  A great exercise is to mute the television while watching your favorite syndicated program and start yelling out your newly created buzzwords.  If done properly, when you turn on the volume you will be met with the sounds of unprompted studio audience laughter.

Whether you are with a couple of friends, or in a large crowd, being able to quickly and effectively shout out “I’d like to see that again!” is sure to have everyone ROTFL.



  1. […] As the evening hours wane, use caffeine supplements to keep your party going.  Better yet, “employ” the aide of other jobless companions to use as support.  It never hurts to have someone to toss a high-five to once you’ve heard a clever catchphrase. […]

  2. I recognize Sue Johnansson! She’s the old “Sex talk” lady.

    ANyways. Um, I love your blog.

    I also love golden retrievers. I have no money for that right now, so in the meantime, I enjoy the blog. 🙂

  3. […] The stoop allows itself to be combined with other unemployed activities such as a hobby or shouting out a catch-phrase (”Why don’t you take a picture?  It will last longer!”).  People don’t […]

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