Posted by: jspiegel | April 17, 2009

#11: Get A Hobby

hobbiesSometimes folks will declare that you “need to get a hobby!”  When you’re unemployed, you REALLY need to get a hobby.

While, for the employed, these are usually reserved as extracurricular activities, for the unemployed they can be a lifeblood that helps to keep the clock ticking and the mind working.

The idea of the hobby has changed dramatically over the years.  Where activities such as stamp collecting and building model trains was once all the rage, the socially inept have now turned their attentions towards new technologies for entertainment such as online role-playing games and other socially-isolating technologies that, while may help their hand-eye coordination, certainly won’t be of any assistance in getting a date to the Sadie Hawkins Dance.

Most folks will tell you, specifically in your situation, that your hobby should be self-serving, and something that brings enjoyment to your daily routines.  My significant other, for example, would love nothing more than for me to take up cooking as she longs for the day when she comes up from work and finds dinner on the table for her.  I’m sure the rest of you see just how much is wrong with that scenario as I do.

While you have free reign to make what you will of your time, it is recommended your activities involve groups (preferably other unemployed people), and the outdoors (aren’t you sick of your house by now?)   Activity recommendations such as kite-flying and unemployed Four-Square leagues should prove to be quite addicting.

Your hobby is certainly your choice, but whatever you do, don’t spend all day typing nonsensical ironic dribble onto a computer screen.

Nobody likes that guy.



  1. […] and onlookers.  The stoop allows itself to be combined with other unemployed activities such as a hobby or shouting out a catch-phrase (”Why don’t you take a picture?  It will last […]

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