Posted by: jspiegel | April 10, 2009

#5: Kevin James

kevinjamesUnemployed people love Kevin James.  If they don’t, they should.

It’s not just that he is able to touch all our lives with his safe blend of just-edgy-enough comedy and self deprecating humor, and it’s not just that he is able to get folks to think outside the box while waxing philosophically and humorously about the tough issues such as “being a fat man” and “sweating”.  Kevin James truly brings so much more to the table that the unemployed should savor and appreciate.

The jobless individual should take the time to sit on the couch and watch a marathon session of “King of Queens”.  This is an easy task for the unemployed since episodes of this show can now only be found in syndication between the hours of noon to four in the afternoon.  If someone is unsure of where and when it might be found in their area, they need only to look for listings of “Judge Judy” and “Yes, Dear”.  Odds are “King of Queens” will be lumped somewhere in between.

For those not familiar with this ground-breaking, turn-of-the-century, sitcom.  James plays Doug Heffernan, an overweight, bumbling, but good-at-heart working stiff who drives a delivery truck (a big stretch for James’s acting muscles).  Every week Doug, along with his wife Carrie (played by Leah Remini who, in her hey-day, once wooed the likes of Zack Morris and now weighs as much as DJ Tanner).  Rounding out the troupe is father-in-law Arthur (played by Jerry Stiller who pretty much phones in the same character he played on Seinfeld).  Together these three get into all sorts of crazy and elaborate  hi jinx.

These out-of-this-world scenarios are usually precipitated upon the fact that Doug did not understand a simple social situation, or something well-intentioned goes horrifically wrong.

The unemployed could spend hours watching the slapstick escapades of James and Co. and notice that many of the episodes end without the central conflict being resolved, and they can nod their heads with assurance because they know someone like Doug Heffernan could relate to constant battle of unemployment.  In fact, a whole part of the third season revolved around Doug being unemployed  and oh how the laughter ensued and revelations were had; Kevin James must truly understand the plight of the jobless.

If an unemployed person has some spare time (as if they have anything else), then they should take a look at Kevin James’s foray on the silver screen.  While nothing in his movies specifically relates to being unemployed, it’s bound to expand your mind and soul, while giving you a hearty chuckle or two.  You can laugh out loud with Kevin as a stocky awkward bachelor in “Hitch”, or nod in appreciation as he learns the finer points of tolerance and acceptance in “I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry”.  Some critics may argue that he pushed the acting envelope in “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”, though others believe that risk will pay off for him come Oscar time.

In any fashion, an afternoon full of Kevin James material is bound to make the unemployed feel better about their situation and, if nothing else, tickle their funny bone.


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